DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus Specifications and Review

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus drone:

Hi Guys. This is the Content about the most awaited drone. the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus. In this post we are predominately going to see about the specs of this white beauty in a detailed manner.This is Complete package post of DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus,Here we give clear idea of the Phantom 4 Pro plus like Specifications Price and also reviews.And also advance things in  DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus than other Phantoms in DJI.Here We go,

Phantom 4 Pro Plus

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus

Coming to the new age of drone technology, the DJI Phantom 4 pro plus outwits all of its competitors in a very elegant manner.

What do you need for incredible aerial imaging? , a brilliant camera, an aircraft you can thrust and the intelligence to make every shot cinematic.

With the new Phantom 4 pro, we have every single point mentioned above which makes our expectations to a hype.


Simply, we can say the Phantom 4 pro plus camera is high in class; it has an incredible “f2.8 Aperture with a stunning mechanical shutter and a huge 1-inch sensor, which all together gives us brighter and more detailed images.

It doesn’t stop there, it also records a cinematic 4k video at most amazingly higher bit rates. In addition to this, it has more advanced compression and a wider 11.6 stops dynamic range which enables us to expand our imagination to capture the whole scenario at a perfect aspect. Here comes the most important bit which every photographer would love and enjoy, “The 4K 60 frames per second” video recording gives you stunning detailed slow-motion aerial videos by DJI Phantom 4 pro plus. Without stopping at this point, the DJI Phantom 4 pro plus is as adept at stills as it is with video, capturing every minute and accurate details at a highly sophisticated “20 Megapixels”, the technical advancement lies here, the mechanical shutter replaces the rolling shutter bending.

Each photographer has the mega dream of grabbing the perfect moment of the scenario, which comes to them once in their lifetime by DJI Phantom 4 pro plus. This can be done using the Burst Mode, without breaking the pixel even after zooming; simply we can say that the Phantom 4 pro plus has the eagle eyes in grabbing the Ultimate satisfying moment for the photographer.

Taking all these details in an account, the Phantom 4 pro plus is the most advanced aerial camera ever found in the Phantom Series. The Phantom 4 Pro plus is now a huge step forward in the Drone Technology. The image sensor in the camera is now One-inch sensor, 20 megapixels. That extra dynamic range allows you to really get everything into one shot and in the landscape, which is extremely important.

Technical Advancements:

Now we come to the important area, where we can see in what ways does Phantom 4 Pro plus whitewashes its Competitors.

  • See the shots clearly and accurately even when exposed in direct sunlight with the new ultra-bright 5.5inch monitor, which is more than twice as bright as most tablets

  • DJI Lightbridge technology: Inside this white beauty, lies the DJI Lightbridge Technology, which automatically detects the interference and self-switches from 2.4 to 5.8 GHz transmission at the time of take off.

This technology stands apart from other drones which lie as a huge advantage. It wipes off the work to manually change the transmission.

  • The built-in monitor on the Phantom 4 Pro plus is so bright which actually lets us see in direct sunlight without any glare which allows to compose our shots and get what we really want to capture.
  • Active Track: Active Track has been most amazing technology that DJI has ever given, we have seen this Active Track technology in last few years in most of the DJI drones, but now, the Phantom 4 pro plus has improvised it a lot. To say in short-term, Active Track has now been expanded.

Here the Active track has three new intelligent flight modes:

  1. The profile in Phantom 4 Pro plus tracks us ( I mean the subject) horizontally from any side at a perfect steadiness
  2. The spotlight locks the camera on a subject while it flies in almost any direction
  3. The circle swings 360 degrees around the subject

These three intelligent flight modes have improvised the active track in a high ratio.

  • Tapfly is also an improved technology with added reverse tapfly making it perfect for Aerial selfies.
  • Burst Mode, without breaking the pixel even after zooming; simply we can say that the Phantom 4 pro plus has the eagle eyes in grabbing the Ultimate satisfying moment for the photographer.


Flying the Phantom 4 Pro plus is even more worry-free. This is all because of the sensors present in the phantom 4 pro plus. A pair of rear visual sensors has been added with the already existing forward and downward sensors.

Without degrading our excitement hype, they have also added all new infrared Obstacle sensor on its sides. Summing up all these sensors, the Phantom 4 pro plus has five directions of sensing.

At the same times, to make the flight easy, a new feature has been added, if the image signal is lost, it returns home while dynamically avoiding obstacles. This can be clearly explained using an illustration. For example Phantom 4 pro plus if flying in a forest full of trees, now if it loses the image signal, a grid-like structure is developed (i.e.) the whole visible place is divide as a grid structure. So if we can consider trees as obstacles and when the tree is in the grid, the Phantom 4 pro plus automatically avoids it and makes a new path to connect to its original flight path until the signal is regained

Flight Endurance:

Finally, we come to the last point which has huge importance is the flight time. Every minute in the air counts, the new high capacity battery flight time has been increased to 30 minutes… Yup this is perfectly well balanced. It reduces the burden of carrying extra batteries. At the same time, on the other hand, the speed also matters a lot. The Phantom 4 pro plus is 10miles per hour faster with the full support of its obstacle sensing systems, which gives a smooth maneuverability.


So finally to conclude, with its stunning camera, one-inch sensor, ultra bright monitor, obstacle sensing and intelligence, the Phantom 4 pro plus brings profession quality aerial mapping and flight capabilities to more pilots around the world.



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