How to Install SALTS addon in Kodi : Procedures

Hello guys today we are going to see about a software which is ultimately one of the greatest for TV adventure. So without wasting the time let us get into the post. At the same time we will all see How to Install SALTS addon in Kodi. Before we will have a brief information about Kodi

What is Kodi?

Kodi is considered to a open source media software. Kodi is considered to a golden pot in the view of TV and Media Lovers. Actually, Kodi is software application was developed by XBMC foundation which is also considered to a Non Profit foundation. Kodi is a software which is avaliable for almost all operating system and hardware platforms which also contains a 10foot user interface especially for the televisions and remote controls.


And it is almost perfect for the people who love movies sports and TV shows. When compared to India, Kodi is mostly use in abroad. Kodi software which has the capability to change any computer, cell phones, tables or any digital medium hardware into a digital set up box or a streamer. It has enabled the opportunity to surf through the internet as well as the local storage. The advantage of kodi is that it isn’t held back by any license as it a open source software. As mentioned before kodi has the most simple user interface “10 foot UI”, which enables the users to search the content easily.  Right now we have a brief knowledge about the software and its uses. So let us move on to the add-ons that kodi has.

Add ons of Kodi

When it comes to addons, Kodi has so many Addons in it, the main reason for the availability of these addons are because Kodi is a open source software, hence people all over the world can access  Kodi easily. To say clearly, Kodi almost has 150 addons, but all these addons are not legal and official. So now let us have a look on the latest Kodi addons of June 2018

Latest Kodi Add-ons For June 2018

  • Aragon addon
  • Salts addon
  • Reptilia addon
  • Monster Munch
  • Movie Zone addon
  • Remnant addon
  • Nanook addon
  • Selfless IPTV addon
  • Atomic addon
  • Placenta addon
  • Flixnet addon
  • Redemption addon

In this post we are specifically going to see about the SALTS addon pack.

SALTS addon

SALTS addon has a Varity no of Movies and Television Series on your Kodi player. It also helps us to find the latest media wholly depending upon the popularity of the show, recently updated content and trending media. Now here, we give you guys, a detailed step to step procedure how to install SALTS addon.

How To Install SALTS addon in Kodi Guide

  • First Open the Kodi in your Computer or television
  • Now in order to add the source open the settings by clicking the gear icon near the top lest corner of the screen
  • In that open the file manager
  • Next click “Add Source”
  • Now, enter on the top box and “kodistuff” on the bottom one, press OK to add the source.
SALTS addon
Add file source
  • After typing the above, go back to the home screen and click on the add-ons tab
  • After that we can open the add-ons browser by clicking the box icon on the top left corner
  • Here, we are going to install Smash repo, select Install from zip file. (If you have just now installed Kodi you’ll be prompted to allow unknown sources and enable notifications, activate those options by clicking on the Settings button before continuing)
  • Here in the list select the kodistuff
  • Inside Kodistuff, You can click on SMASH to install the repository.
SALTS addon
Install zipFile
  • Now it’s time to install SALTS. Select Install from repository
  • Click on Smash repository to open it.
SALTS addon
Click Smash
  • Inside that click on the video Add-ons
Click Video Addons
Click Video Addons
  • Inside that select the “Stream All The Source”
Click Stream all the source
Click Stream all the source
  • Now press Install, this will download and install the add-on and its dependencies. Wait until you see the SALTS add-on enabled notification.
Press Install
Press Install
  • Go back to the Home Screen and highlight the Add-ons tab, you Can find shortcuts to your installed add-ons on the Home Screen by default. Click on “Stream All The Sources” to open the add-on.
  • Before entering the add-on, let’s adjust SALTS settings for better performance. Click on Settings.
Click Settings
Click Settings
  • In that select the Auto configuration
Select Auto Confg
Select Auto Confg
  • Finally press the confirm Button. Hurry your Add-on has been installed
Press The confim Button
Press The confim Button

Ok guys, i hope so this post on SALTS addon would have been useful for you. Please comment your views in the comment session. And please comment the next topic we should take upon.

Thank YOU

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