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Hi Folks…today we are going to see about one of the most trending app(more or less said as app store) “THE APTOIDE”. Also we have provide the link to Download Aptoide for your android device. The Aptoide is considered to be a secondary app store in the android platform. It stands totally different from the normal google play store found in the android devices.

The Aptoide is somewhat different from the google play store. It differs in many aspects. So in This post we are going to see how to download and install aptoide in your android devices. So why waste your time. Lets goo….


Aptoide is considered to be an independent android application store that lets you download apps for free very much similar to the Google play store. It is also simply known as the digital market place were we can find any applications which are not even found in the google play store. The ultimate difference between the Aptoide and  the google play store is that, the Aptoide save the the downloaded content to our internal or external storage, whereas, the google play store directly installs the application. The main advantage seen here is even after formatting our phone, we can have our application backup in our external storage.


Well, the Aptoide is one of the safest and coolest alternate App store which easily replaces the Google play store for android users. Another thing is that we wont be able to find Aptoide in Google play store. Aptoide is a very powerful App Store that is managed by the internet community. When we see the google play store, we can find that many of our favorite apps are paid, but in Aptoide even the paid apps are also free. It’s profoundly seen as a  look a like of Google Play Store. Currently it offers more than 800,000 Apps for free. Aptoide is not available in Play Store because it offends Google’s policy of “No competition clause”.


Some of the features offered by Aptoide store will make you love it instantly. This store offers all the apps which are scanned for virus or malware. Actually, the concept of aproide store has been derieved from APT packaging manager, which can work with multiple sources (repositories). When the user wants a app, he could use the client to search for sources where the application is stored.


Another top feature of Aptoide is that we can create our own Store and upload our own content. next great feature is, it fills the one important leftover of the google play store. Some of the apps in google play store is restricted only to certain countries. But here in Aptoide, we can download any app no matter where we are from. As it allows us to have our own store, we can find cheats and mod for almost all games, which is great for most of the android hackers. So without wasting our time we can see about the pros and cons of the Aptoide store

Pros Of Aptoide

  • You can get all paid apps (from google play store) for free.
  • Enables you to download the apps which are not available for your country.
  • No need to register an account as you do for Play Store ( But If you wish, you can).
  • It has built-in virus scanner.
  • We can easily get Mod Versions of the games and apps.
  • You can also get hacked versions of games and hack tools for games.
  • We can get updated apps even before it is released for our country.
  • Download the “apk” file with pause and resume the download anytime you wish, a reboot won’t wipe the downloaded data when paused.
  • You can create your own marketplace and manage your own App store.
  • The interface of Aptoide is quite easy, and user-friendly.


Even Though there is rumor about its virus contaminants, there are 97 million downloads all over the world. So finally lets us see how to Download Aptoide in your android device


So finally we have come to the section, download Aptoide for your android devices. we have provided both the previous version and the latest versions. You  can download Aptoide from the given links

Download Aptoide

Follow these Steps if the App isn’t Working

  • If you face any kind of issues with the Aptoid, Just grant all the permissions to the App.
  • Just Clear Data & Cache of the app and restart the App.
  • To reduce the load time you can connect to Google Open DNS. To change the DNS, you can download DNS Changer app from Google Play Store.
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